Wedding ceremony wine box

Getting married soon? then you may be looking for a custom wedding ceremony wine box.

Our wine boxes are all custom made and can be personalized on the LID, FRONT, BACK, Bottom  and the Lid inside.

This wine box is made of premium pine wood and finished with a dark walnut stain.

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Wedding ceremony wine box


The bride and groom have chosen as a couple to perform a Wine box ceremony. The box contains a wine bottle and also has room to add lover letters from each other. 

The letters the reason they fell in love and describe the good qualities they find in each other.  The letters then get sealed in individual envelopes  and they have not seen what the other has written.

 You have created your very own Wedding Time capsule to be opened on your 5th wedding anniversary. 

Wedding ceremony wine box

custom wedding wine boxWedding ceremony wine box

wedding ceremony wine boxwedding ceremony wine box


custom wedding wine box



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